Wayfarer’s watchlist #7: This had me holding my breath for over 10 minutes

‘Tribe meets white man for the first time’

Filmed in Papua New Guinea, 1976.

I was terrified for Philippe!


Note to all who watch this video in YT: avoid reading the comments. Trust me. It’s both sad / annoying / unbelievable how many comments and jokes sprang from the Native American and African American parallels.

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Wayfarer’s watchlist #6: Only in Japan

I’ve only caught a few Only in Japan webisodes so far, but I think they’re growing on me. Initially, I had (and maybe still have…) my reservations about the commentary, but– dang it– it’s just too interesting to pass up



And I used to think Yotel rooms were small! I’d hear of these (lower budget) capsule hotels, but I’ll tell you– this was way more impressive than I’d anticipated!

I’m not too claustrophobic, since I love spelunking, so I can see myself trying these if I head to JP any time soon. #Bucketlist

Thoughts? Comments? Comments on the commentary (help a sister out!)?

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Wayfarer’s watchlist #5: 3 TED talks on travel you HAVE to watch

Ben Saunders: Why bother leaving the house?

Saunders’s* opening line sets the stage for a very interesting talk:
“I essentially drag sledges for a living, so it doesn’t take an awful lot to flummox me intellectually, but I’m going to read this question from an interview earlier this year: “Philosophically, does the constant supply of information steal our ability to imagine or replace our dreams of achieving? After all, if it is being done somewhere by someone, and we can participate virtually, then why bother leaving the house?”

Chris Burkard: The joy of surfing in ice-cold water

I initially came across Chris Burkard after stumbling upon his Instagram profile. Which, for the record, is stunning. Anyway, it suffices to say that I was more than excited when this TED talk came up on my ‘specially recommended for you’ playlist (you know me well, YouTube). 

To quote from Burkard’s talk, “You see, the more time I spent traveling to these exotic locations, the less gratifying it seemed to be. I set out seeking adventure, and what I was finding was only routine. It was things like wi-fi, TV, fine dining, and a constant cellular connection that to me were all the trappings of places heavily touristed in and out of the water, and it didn’t take long for me to start feeling suffocated.”

Robin Esrock: Learn to travel — travel to learn

To say Robin Esrock is one of those people who has it all is an understatement. ‘Travel writer, author, and TV-show’ host is only trumped by ‘Rockstar, card sharp, and food critic’. Well, in my eyes, anyway. Esrock very earnestly points out in his TEDx talk,”Those of us who travel for a long time, we’re either running away from something or we’re looking for something” And we’re all looking, right?

Have you seen any interesting TED talks recently? Any other inspiring, nay, even cheesy videos / movies / clips you’d like to share? Drop me a line below and educate me, please!

As always, happy travels

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*To the Grammar Nazi waiting in the wings, to write me an e-mail, to correct me on whether or not I should be using “Sauders’s” or “Saunders’ “. The general rule of thumb here in Australia (and much of the commonwealth) is to use the possessive as it would be spoken. So “Charles’s“, or “my boss‘s” are both perfectly acceptable in this respect. Phew, glad that’s done. Back to the post now.

The Wayfarer’s Watch-list #2: J.K. Rowling’s Harvard Commencement Speech

Source: ‘J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement‘ from Harvard Magazine YouTube

Why? Because everyone fails, and everyone needs perspective. And because this golden quote came from this speech:

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all– in which case, you fail by default.”

Simple, but wise words.

Now, naturally, one question to follow this is: what does this have to do with travelling? (The other question being, “woah, when did she get so deep?”)

And without getting preachy, I think that all depends on why you travel… (see what I did there by not answering the question?)

Anyway, and here’s a funnier commencement speech from Mindy Kaling. Because, you know– laughter is the best medicine:

Source: ‘Mindy Kaling’s Speech at Harvard Law School Class Day 2014‘ from HarvardLawSchool YouTube

The Wayfarer’s Watch-list #1

New column!

A friend and I were discussing the manner in which the movies we’ve been watching recently have inspired our travels. He ended up in Iceland after watching ‘Land Ho!’ (highly recommend it), and I ended up somewhat obsessed with Eugene O’Neill after being introduced to him in Reds (where he’s played by the ever charming Jack Nicholson). And somehow ended up at his estate in Connecticut:

Not to mention the time I ended up in Mystic, a charming little harbour-side town (also in CT). Where ‘Mystic Pizza’ is set (note: I fear it is at this point I should probably confess what a hopeless romantic I am, and how I have watched a few a lot practically all of the rom-com genre). Anyway, for those unaware, ‘Mystic Pizza’ is a 1988 comedy-drama starring Julia Roberts about a pizza parlour. I mean, there’s other stuff in there too, but it’s mainly about pizza. Decent pizza at the joint, by the way. Anyway, it’s a good film, watch it!

But I digress. The aim of this post was to get you excited about a TED talk. If you’re a TED-head, like yours truly (the technical term for a TED talk addict), you might have already stumbled across this.  Beautiful photos, and an interesting talk from photographer Jimmy Nelson about the vanishing people of the world:

As always, feel free to drop me a line: tell me what you thought of the post, the blog, the sandwich with the questionable meat you ate earlier, why you’re shook up about what to wear on your next date (word of experience: do not wear a onesie, apparently that doesn’t fly well with some…). Just drop me a line, OK?