Travel hack: (Almost) everything you need to know about tipping

A la Business Insider:


Travel tip: Up your food game on the road (the camping hack)

From Bon Appétit Magazine online: 25 Campfire Meals to Keep You Well-Fed in the Great Outdoors

Travel hack: “Military fold” all your casual clothes

(Also great for those who’re only travelling with carryons or backpackers without compression sacks…)

My grandfather, a retired IAF Air Marshal, is by far one of the most organised packers I know. He credits it to his National Defence Academy days, and he’d endorsed the ‘roll your civvies*’ thing well before it was considered a travel hack.

Anyway, here’s a tutorial which shows you how to roll your clothes, like a boss:

Source: ‘Army Packing Hack: How to Army Fold a T-Shirt, Basic Training Style – The Best Ranger Roll Tutorial‘ from armygringo YouTube

You can do the same with pretty much any piece of casual clothing, and if you’re off for a short trip, give this a try (but please, put your toothbrush in a case for gosh sakes!)

Source: ‘Travel-WIN: Best Packing Advice ever – The Super-Roll!‘ from MyOwnVideoReviews YouTube

Happy packing 🙂

* ‘civives’, from ‘civilian’ is a term used to described civilian clothing. If an officer wasn’t in uniform, and in jeans, say, he’d be ‘in civvies’.

On the road

On the road, and haven’t really had reliable Internet, but naturally when one does have more than one bar, one must post (and refer to oneself as ‘one’). Anyhow, I shall keep this short and sweet:

“The airport immigration queue dilemma” from Mansof Lhroov (YouTube). Because we’ve all been there…

Moral of the story, thou shalt not jump between queues.

Travel hack: Collecting air miles

Note: this post refers to accruing miles using schemes associated with groceries, credit cards, and such; not to be confused with frequent flyer programs for airlines. 

I recently came across an article about how great air mile schemes in the States were, and I can honestly say, I thought a lot of the options back in Canada were great back in 2013 before I left. That said, all these air mile collection schemes come with a caveat or ten. And, excuse me for being so blunt, the schemes they have in Australia are plain awful! (Flybuys, for example, is an absolute waste of money).

Anyway, now that I’m (sort of) done with the whinging, here are some good sources to check out whether or not your air mile collection scheme is worth the effort, and what you can do about them if they’re not (just don’t sign up for them if they’re not, OK? ‘Kay.):

The Air Miles Game and How to Play It, Jonathan Hirsch from

A Beginner’s Guide to Airline Miles, Thorin Klosowski, from

How to Get the Maximum Value from Air Canada’s Aeroplane, Grace McClure, from (somewhat outdated, but good for understanding the theory, anyway)

Bottom line— do your homework before committing to some dementor-worthy ‘rewards’ scheme (I’m looking at you, Flybuys!), there’s nothing worse than realising your air mile scheme is getting you less than a mile a month.

Featured image by Dominik Schröder,, a great source for ‘Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos‘.