Travel etiquette

Viewer discretion advised.

OK, not really. But if you’re like me– which is to say you’re a minor major germophobe– this is the stuff nightmares are made of.

I say this without bias: (some? most?) people on planes are horrific. Horrendous. I was sat on a flight from Miami to Frankfurt last week, and the gentleman next to me sneezed. Into his hand.

I icked instantly (who wouldn’t?) but he followed it up with another sneeze and a coughing fit. Now, I’m not heartless– clearly the guy was having a fit of some sort, but has no one heard of the vampire cough?!

Anyway, this is the physics behind sneezes on a plane by a 17 year Canadian brainchild. And a cost-effective solution to limiting the spread of pathogens from a sneeze:


The Wayfarer’s Watch-list #1

New column!

A friend and I were discussing the manner in which the movies we’ve been watching recently have inspired our travels. He ended up in Iceland after watching ‘Land Ho!’ (highly recommend it), and I ended up somewhat obsessed with Eugene O’Neill after being introduced to him in Reds (where he’s played by the ever charming Jack Nicholson). And somehow ended up at his estate in Connecticut:

Not to mention the time I ended up in Mystic, a charming little harbour-side town (also in CT). Where ‘Mystic Pizza’ is set (note: I fear it is at this point I should probably confess what a hopeless romantic I am, and how I have watched a few a lot practically all of the rom-com genre). Anyway, for those unaware, ‘Mystic Pizza’ is a 1988 comedy-drama starring Julia Roberts about a pizza parlour. I mean, there’s other stuff in there too, but it’s mainly about pizza. Decent pizza at the joint, by the way. Anyway, it’s a good film, watch it!

But I digress. The aim of this post was to get you excited about a TED talk. If you’re a TED-head, like yours truly (the technical term for a TED talk addict), you might have already stumbled across this.  Beautiful photos, and an interesting talk from photographer Jimmy Nelson about the vanishing people of the world:

As always, feel free to drop me a line: tell me what you thought of the post, the blog, the sandwich with the questionable meat you ate earlier, why you’re shook up about what to wear on your next date (word of experience: do not wear a onesie, apparently that doesn’t fly well with some…). Just drop me a line, OK?