Travel etiquette

Viewer discretion advised.

OK, not really. But if you’re like me– which is to say you’re a minor major germophobe– this is the stuff nightmares are made of.

I say this without bias: (some? most?) people on planes are horrific. Horrendous. I was sat on a flight from Miami to Frankfurt last week, and the gentleman next to me sneezed. Into his hand.

I icked instantly (who wouldn’t?) but he followed it up with another sneeze and a coughing fit. Now, I’m not heartless– clearly the guy was having a fit of some sort, but has no one heard of the vampire cough?!

Anyway, this is the physics behind sneezes on a plane by a 17 year Canadian brainchild. And a cost-effective solution to limiting the spread of pathogens from a sneeze:


What it means to be punctual around the globe

It’s OK to be late in (most parts of) India, Greece, and Morocco, but you have to have a spare minute in Japan and a spare ten in Germany.

Check out an infographic that breaks it all down here (from Mr Gamez).

Little known fact: Desi Newlyweds are a breed of their own (Bikram Vohra’s FB post)

A funny anecdote about the tribulations of traveling with newlyweds. Indian newlyweds, to be exact.


Sort of reminds me of this one time I was in the much-coveted aisle seat with a couple (it was one of those two-three-two seat configurations). The couple, an Aussie pair on their way home from Montréal, were sickeningly loved up when we took off. Not long after the captain switched off the seat belt sign, Romeo turns to Juliet and says, ‘We need to talk.’ I was doing the whole ‘let’s-pretend-to-listen-to-music-with-the-headphones-in-and-no-music-on’ eavesdropping thing, but like Juliet, I did not see that coming! Needless to say, it was a really awkward eight-hours to Zurich (and however much longer their journey home was). Anyhow, what the guy was thinking, is beyond me.

Share your awkward couple travel stories below. Or point out some typos. Or share a good joke. ‘Tis a free world.

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* ‘foo foo’ is an Indian interpretation of the sounds one makes when blowing on something (because you ‘foo foo’ on something if it’s hot)

** ‘phut’ is the equivalent of ‘whack’ or ‘wham’ (comic book style)