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A reminder: World Toilet Day 🚽Nov. 19

World Toilet Day on Nov. 19! Show your support by considering a donation to one of these amazing charities if you are so inclined 😊

I want to get real for a second, and talk about World Toilet Day on November 19, and some charities I support.

#FunFact– it's World Toilet Day on Nov. 19 🚽 This photo was taken in Siem Reap, Cambodia, at Kampong Phluk. Kampong Phluk is a village on stilts, on Tonlé Sap, SE Asia's largest freshwater lake. Rather than remind everyone that water is a limited resource, drought is a reality for many in Brazil at the moment, and not everyone has access to potable water, I thought I'd spread the word about some pretty cool charities (do your own research on them, though, don't just take my word for it) Charity: Water (@charitywater) provides clean drinking water to people in the developing world. Their website is full of awesome campaign ideas and inspiration (one guy raffled off his beard to raise funds, one group of friends drove a rickshaw across India, and a five year old girl asked for donations for her birthday instead of dolls) Water.org (@water) I'm not just tooting this charity because I sort of like (read: love) Matt Damon. Apart from building wells, these guys educate people on the importance of hygiene. Waves for Water (@wavesforwater) These guys provide people with the tools they need to gain access to clean drinking water. An MVP filtration system filters up to 1 million gallons water, and costs 50 USD. If you're in Australia, that's a little over the cost of four six packs. 🍺 #instagridsapp #panoramic #siemreap #cambodia #toilets #drinkingwater #water #worldtoiletday

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PPS– Apologies in advance for the lack of posts over the next week or so, ’tis exam season hither (in Australia), and shall then be travel season for some of us (namely me). December shall be spam season though, so count your blessings!