Travel etiquette

Viewer discretion advised.

OK, not really. But if you’re like me– which is to say you’re a minor major germophobe– this is the stuff nightmares are made of.

I say this without bias: (some? most?) people on planes are horrific. Horrendous. I was sat on a flight from Miami to Frankfurt last week, and the gentleman next to me sneezed. Into his hand.

I icked instantly (who wouldn’t?) but he followed it up with another sneeze and a coughing fit. Now, I’m not heartless– clearly the guy was having a fit of some sort, but has no one heard of the vampire cough?!

Anyway, this is the physics behind sneezes on a plane by a 17 year Canadian brainchild. And a cost-effective solution to limiting the spread of pathogens from a sneeze:


Look out, world– new Ada Lovelace in town*

Finger counters make geniuses. (From The Atlantic)

Well, seeing as I still count with fingers (time zones are difficult, okay?)— stay tuned world, the next Ada Lovelace is coming your way.


*Yes, I’m completely going to ignore the fact it’s been a few months since my last post. Because (1) I’ve been busy– who isn’t nowadays?! and (2) I don’t have a great excuse for not posting more regularly. Heavens knows I’ve travelled enough in the last few months (on the road at the mo’, actually). But I guess we can attribute said sporadic nature of posts to laziness? Quarter-life crisissing (not a word, but I shall petition to have it in OED soon, I swear.**) But fear not, I shall have posts from Miami and HK, and, dare I add, Tasmania up soon.

Till next time,

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** Yeah. Totally lying there. And trying to make “fetch” happen.



663 million is a big number. Here’s what it means to me.

Wayfarer’s watchlist #7: This had me holding my breath for over 10 minutes

‘Tribe meets white man for the first time’

Filmed in Papua New Guinea, 1976.

I was terrified for Philippe!


Note to all who watch this video in YT: avoid reading the comments. Trust me. It’s both sad / annoying / unbelievable how many comments and jokes sprang from the Native American and African American parallels.

Akanksha Singh travel blogger teal rain boots

Coming soon: Orchids, orchids, and more orchids*

Photos from the Singapore National Orchid Garden (and Singapore Botanic)– complete with nerdy informative captions containing orchid names, (fun) facts, and a running commentary on how I wish to own a house with an orangery in the near future. Green thumbs come with age, right? Because the longest I’ve kept a plant alive is a month   week  few days not very long.

Akanksha Singh Teal Rain Boots Travel Writer

Akanksha Singh Teal Rain Boots Travel Writer

Akanksha Singh Teal Rain Boots Travel Writer

Oh, and cheesy (flower and garden themed) jokes!

Here’s one to get you started from Dink Cartoons (à la the very talented  Chris Williams).

Stay tuned! (Or at least pretend to be excited about this endeavour– I mean you, Ma!)

Akanksha Singh Travel Blog Teal Rain Boots

* and some other flowers, too