Wayfarer’s watchlist #6: Only in Japan

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I’ve only caught a few Only in Japan webisodes so far, but I think they’re growing on me. Initially, I had (and maybe still have…) my reservations about the commentary, but– dang it– it’s just too interesting to pass up



And I used to think Yotel rooms were small! I’d hear of these (lower budget) capsule hotels, but I’ll tell you– this was way more impressive than I’d anticipated!

I’m not too claustrophobic, since I love spelunking, so I can see myself trying these if I head to JP any time soon. #Bucketlist

Thoughts? Comments? Comments on the commentary (help a sister out!)?

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Author: Akanksha Singh

Twenty-something travel addict || Likes: coffee, sarcasm, the Oxford comma, blue skies, and cobblestone roads. || Dislikes: rudeness, carrots, and pigeons (read: winged-rats with satanic eyes).

1 thought on “Wayfarer’s watchlist #6: Only in Japan”

  1. This would be good for a few hours ‘inspection of back of eyelids’ at airports & such … those times when you have a long wait, but not long enough to check into a hotel.


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