Wordless Wednesday: Why my Instagram captions are borderline essays

I often get asked why my Instagram features have long captions. Or why my own photos have ‘#funfacts’ glued to them. Apart from indulging my nerdy side, I think it immensely important to be authentic.

The importance of adding value

There is an insane amount of talent in today’s world. I mean– insane. So, if I’m going to upload a photo that’s not mine, or a shot that’s been taken by multiple people (myself included), or write a travelogue that’s been written two hundred times over, it has to be different. It has to add value to whomsoever it eventually reaches. And most importantly, it has to be as original and authentic as I can make it.

🌐 Daily travel feature About this photo: Photographer @aratrikag used her Nexus 5 to snap this photo of the Royal Bank Plaza, Toronto. "I really like cityscapes, and urban geometry so the shape and colour of the building really attracted me. It also helped that it was a cloudy day in Toronto, so the light was not too harsh, and you can actually see the details in the building." . #Funfact about the building: the glass is covered in gold. Valued at a whopping $70 (CAD) per pane back in the 70's Reposted with permission of photographer. Be sure to check out @aratrikag's gallery for more stunning shots of cityscapes, and her photo blog (linked in bio) Tag your own travel photos with #travelteal to be featured #vscocam #gold #toronto #downtown #financialdistrict #travel #photooftheday #royalbankplaza #symmetry #geometric #archidaily #architecture #lookingup #rbc #igs_can #imagesoftoronto #exploretoronto #reflection #fun #fact

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🌐 Daily travel feature Have you checked out @espiko1's gallery yet? It's full of amazing photos from East Africa. This is a photo of @espiko1's of a Maasai man on a bicycle. The red garment he has on is called wrapped from a shuka (sheet). Red typically represents strength, bravery, and unity (sometimes danger) Having been to East Africa several times, I can honestly say I'm in love with the place and the people. If you're headed there, check out the itinerary linked in my bio, and check out my blog for Swahili lingo (or how to order beer in 20 different languages– tried and tested, naturally) Oh, and tag your travel photos with #travelteal. You know, so I can tell the world how amazing you are at taking photographs. But also just so I can see them. And show them to my friends. And my tech-savvy grandma (really not kidding on this one!)

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Author: Akanksha Singh

Twenty-something travel addict || Likes: coffee, sarcasm, the Oxford comma, blue skies, and cobblestone roads. || Dislikes: rudeness, carrots, and pigeons (read: winged-rats with satanic eyes).

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