Sigiriya, Sri Lanka and a heck of a lot of nerdiness

Being the sort of nerd that I am, whenever we go anywhere (and I mean ANYWHERE), I download academic papers on points of interest. Here's a little known fact about the #Sigiriya cave paintings I stumbled upon while reading about them in an art history paper, c. 1944– they are 'real fresco'. Fresco is a technique where paint is lain on top of wet plaster, so the colours are sturdy. This was a #hotdebate in the art history world until the paper in reference came out (on my blog) because of the similarities between the Sigiriya paintings and the #Ajanta paintings. The latter are 'tempera' paintings, where the paint is mixed with a medium, and layered. Anyhow, to cut a long story short, even though the two sets of paintings have a similar style, they're different in technique.

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The paper in reference– “A Short Note on the Technique of the Sigiriya Pictures“, by DB Dhanapala

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka


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