Bucket List #9:The Great Unification Buddha, South Korea

🌐 Daily travel feature Photographer @franketheunissen used her iPhone 5 to capture this magnificent Buddha statue, at the foot of the Seoraksan National Park, just before an intense hike up the Seoraksan mountain, Sokcho, South Korea . "There's just something mesmerising about this statue," comments Franke, "as people came to bow at its feet, I stood in awe and drew in the lush greenness of the mountainscape that surrounded me. The air was misty and grey, but gave me the earthy tones I hoped for; the Earth's beauty was everywhere. " Reposted with permission of photographer. Be sure to check out @franketheunissen's gallery, she has amazing low saturation shots . Now for your (fine, *my*) favourite part! #Funfact(s) about the 14.6 m bronze statue–the one in the photo, pay attention! The construction of the statue was funded for by a decade's worth of donations, and cost close to USD 4.1 million to build. It's called "The Great Unification Buddha", because it symbolises the Korean people's hope for reunification of North and South Korea . Don't be selfish– tag your travel photos with #travelteal so I can load up on travel trivia.

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Author: Akanksha Singh

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