‘Wordless’ Wednesday, take two

As I mentioned the last time I attempted this, I can’t do ‘wordless’. So, I came up with ‘wise words’ instead. Not my wise words (alas, my wisdom is limited), but wise words from wise people about wise things travel. Lotsa wisdom basically!

Today’s is from Dick Clark:

OK, so perhaps ‘Wise Wednesday’ won’t work… Suggestions?


Author: Akanksha Singh

Twenty-something travel addict || Likes: coffee, sarcasm, the Oxford comma, blue skies, and cobblestone roads. || Dislikes: rudeness, carrots, and pigeons (read: winged-rats with satanic eyes).

3 thoughts on “‘Wordless’ Wednesday, take two”

    1. Haha, I suppose that’s more accurate! I’ve been meaning to get in touch for the longest time to say thank you for following my little blog – yours is amazing, and I especially like the doodles and photos! So thank you! 🙂

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