Food for thought: Lions, and tigers, or sher(s), oh my!

If a lion and a tiger were to battle each other, who would win?

Before I crack on with this post, I should like to give you some background on the hypothetical question being posed. As I usually do, I should like to add a disclaimer before diving into the meat of it all: there was a little some a lot of wine involved when the question above was pondered. There, I said it. Happy?

Anyhow, I was watching ‘The Jungle Book’ with a friend the other night, and somehow we ended up discussing ‘The Lion King’, which consequently led to a discussion on big cats, and our favourite big cats (am still undecided). And finally, we reached the inevitable (when you’re a bottle and a half down, drunk curious like your truly, profound questions are inevitable):

If Shere Khan were to fight Scar, who would win?

Now before some know-it-all goes about lecturing me on the inane nature of this question, I should just like to point out that there was in fact, a time where both lions and tigers inhabited the same areas and coexisted for quite some time  (ex. India in the 19th century), and since we’re all well-aware that several subspecies exist- for argument’s sake, let’s take the best of the best and work it out, shall we?

Or let the internet work it out for us:

Now, if you’re too lazy to read the link above, here is the Cliffnotes version of the article:

  • Size matters – Looking at males of both species, the tiger outweighs the lion (substantially in some cases – the Siberian, for example)
  • Temperament – tigers don’t sit about in prides all day fluffing their manes, and they don’t rely on their wifeys to go a huntin’ (although lions do have to keep on their A-game to stay alphas of prides). But still, point tiger.
  • History – tigers have won lion vs. tiger fights.

Take home: most probably the tiger. 

OK, enough about me. Over to you- do you have a favourite big cat?  Whose team are you on – Shere Khan’s or Scar’s? And have you seen that adorable GoPro video of the lion whisperer getting hugs from a couple of lions? Watch it till the end, there’s cuddling too!

Video via GoPro, YouTube

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Lion, Varun Korla

Special mention: Thank you to my lovely cousin Varun Korla for the photograph of the lion from Masai Mara, Kenya.


Author: Akanksha Singh

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