Food for thought: ‘There’s an app for that’ and other such modern day, first world problems

If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard someone respond to a question or comment with, ‘There’s an app for that now’… I probably wouldn’t be a millionaire, but I’d have a lot of pennies!

Needless to say, we live in a time where auto-correct enjoys making us look bad in front of our crushes / dates / bosses / parents. Especially this new iOS. Evil little bugger, pure evil, I say – the other day I typed something like ‘I’m watching that new show, Resurrection at the moment with a friend, will call you soon’ and you can guess which word was replaced and with what rather inappropriate word (hint: replaced word rhymes with resurrection). And this is on a brand new phone, where I haven’t even had a chance to be perverted yet! Jeez!

Oh, did I forget to mention the text in question was sent to my grandmother? Yes, cringe worthy indeed.

Anyhow, I’ve found myself pondering the following questions time and time again:

– Do I really need a smartphone with all these apps?

– Do I need these messaging apps like ‘WhatsApp’ which let’s people know I’ve read their message with two blue ticks when in fact, I could have easily pretended like I’d never seen said emails / letters in the ‘old’ days?

– What is up with there being an app for everything from heart rate monitoring to crush compatibility calculating? When I was young, we used to play M*A*S*H, good and proper – obviously known for its accuracy. Clearly this iPad generation is being deprived!

– How did people get to places they’d never been to before Google Maps? Oh, that’s right, they used ‘maps’, and had people give them (sometimes) false verbal directions, or they’d just get lost.

The remaining questions are far too philosophical to put down in text (yeah, I’m deep like that) but you get the idea. Anyway, what are your thoughts dear-reader-old-buddy-old-pal-bordering-on-making-the-best-friend-cut-if-you’ve-read-this-far?

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Author: Akanksha Singh

Twenty-something travel addict || Likes: coffee, sarcasm, the Oxford comma, blue skies, and cobblestone roads. || Dislikes: rudeness, carrots, and pigeons (read: winged-rats with satanic eyes).

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