Travel etiquette

Viewer discretion advised.

OK, not really. But if you’re like me– which is to say you’re a minor major germophobe– this is the stuff nightmares are made of.

I say this without bias: (some? most?) people on planes are horrific. Horrendous. I was sat on a flight from Miami to Frankfurt last week, and the gentleman next to me sneezed. Into his hand.

I icked instantly (who wouldn’t?) but he followed it up with another sneeze and a coughing fit. Now, I’m not heartless– clearly the guy was having a fit of some sort, but has no one heard of the vampire cough?!

Anyway, this is the physics behind sneezes on a plane by a 17 year Canadian brainchild. And a cost-effective solution to limiting the spread of pathogens from a sneeze:


Look out, world– new Ada Lovelace in town*

Finger counters make geniuses. (From The Atlantic)

Well, seeing as I still count with fingers (time zones are difficult, okay?)— stay tuned world, the next Ada Lovelace is coming your way.


*Yes, I’m completely going to ignore the fact it’s been a few months since my last post. Because (1) I’ve been busy– who isn’t nowadays?! and (2) I don’t have a great excuse for not posting more regularly. Heavens knows I’ve travelled enough in the last few months (on the road at the mo’, actually). But I guess we can attribute said sporadic nature of posts to laziness? Quarter-life crisissing (not a word, but I shall petition to have it in OED soon, I swear.**) But fear not, I shall have posts from Miami and HK, and, dare I add, Tasmania up soon.

Till next time,

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** Yeah. Totally lying there. And trying to make “fetch” happen.



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